Monday 31 July 2017

Garden Visitor

My garden has many bearded dragon lizards , today I caught one on camera.
This is him when I was keeping my distance .
This is him when I moved a little closer - trying to look tough. The closer I got the tougher he tried to look. They are funny creatures to watch. They get up quite high on their legs and run really fast when they want to get somewhere quickly. They look so pre- historic to me . This one was about 35 cm long (13 inches ) . Of course they are harmless.

Cooking Pizza

Here it is 
Yep it's all good in there
Let's try it
Oh Yeh!  Pizza..   Yumm
And I got a new path to my clothes line.

A Long Awaited Dream

My dream was to have a swimming pool and that came true last year. It was hubby's  dream to have a wood fired clay pizza oven and now it's done . The process took 2 weekends and an expert concreter.
Kev at work 
Just have to leave the  outside stays under for a few more days . Just waiting for it to cure now

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Visitors and Finishes

This one is finally finished. I'm on a mission to get things finished and out of the cupboard.
 I have a few quilt tops to go. I quilted this one myself ( as I have shown you before) and now the bind is done. This one used some Kaffe Fassett fabrics  and was made with Kerry Swain at Cottage on the Hill.
In between preparing some Lucy Boston Blocks. Sandy from "Shiralee Stitches " does a great job with these I just wish I could sew them as fast as she sends them to me.

I have had 2 lots of unexpected  visitors over the last few days  " Chooky Blue"  , Donna and her hubby and Janis of "janimary" and her hubby .  Two different days of course. Was so nice to catch up with them all.  There was no stitching just a lovely chat over a meal. So nice to see them, thanks for calling girls.

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Holiday Photos

B and I have just come home from a 3 day taster cruise and the theme was Christmas in July. We left Brisbane Saturday and returned Tuesday morning. I have never cruised before so I hope the photos don't bore you. The weather was glorious for winter and everything about the cruise was great. I can see how these quilt designers are taking sessions on cruises. It would be great.

We had a suite ... so spoilt

Christmas in July theme ...

Just like a hotel inside 

Sailing out of Brisbane 

Our balcony

no cooking , no cleaning