Monday 25 April 2016

Dawn Service 2016

I have always gone to Dawn Service on ANZAC Day. ( for my OS friends this is a National Day of Commemoration for our fallen soldiers.  It is  at 4.28 am on April 25th. 

I am so proud that my son has carried on the tradition with his family. This is Ev's 3rd. For a little one just over two and a half she was quiet and respectful for the duration.    So proud of her. She never went back to bed either so I am sure she will sleep all the way home on their  6 hour journey.

She had a handful of ANZAC biscuit too. 


We shall remember them.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Some little girl got in the way of my planned sewing day so I am sharing 😃❤️

I got a baby sitting call out and could not possibly say no could I ? It's so worth the 12 hour drive there and back . I listened to 2 audio books as well .

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Nature's Journey

I wanted to show this quilt on its own . My Natures Journey Quilt done in the Stitch along with  Chookyblue.  I would not have finished it without her organising it and all of you comments and support .  Thanks Donna and thanks Blog friends.  Thank you to Betty Field  for the beautiful custom quilting I just love it.

2 More Lucy Blocks

2 More Lucy blocks done but plenty to go to catch up on .

Beautiful Swaps and Gifts

I have not blogged about the lovely swaps and gifts I received at GDITC .

The lovely Dory gave me the sweet wooden sewing box ...thank you Cheryll.
Inca was the maker of the cute needle case from Kerry's swap and my roommate Diddles , Deb Valence made the lovely wheat bag cover for the make it bake it fake it swap .

Thank you so much ladies

Monday 4 April 2016

Playing with Machine Applique

Don't know whether I mentioned it but Bernie bought me a Brother Scan and cut for Christmas . I have not had a lot of time to play yet but today I was experimenting and using some tea towels to applique. After all I can always use tea towels even if they are a bit crappy.

I have not achieved gift giving results yet but the kitchen cupboard will be boosted with new tea towels.  

 I really think it would be better hand done with blanket stitch...or I might try that on the machine??... what was I thinking ..or ..not thinking...machine blanket stitch...

And I might add I got my finger with the sewing machine too..ouch! 

Trying new stitches on my machine - not sure what is the best stitch ...Satin stitch looks too heavy .


Today being another year older I decided to get Bern to put this piece of my past onto my sewing table. This ruler was on the counter in a shop where I served fabric . I started in year 10 and worked there in til I finished teachers college. A few years ago that drapery , men's store ,women's store everything store was closed . A real shame for our town. "Coorey's " was a very popular store . Any way a friend of mine bought the half the fabric counter for her sewing room and she had 2 rulers as it was a very long counter. She kindly gave me one of the rulers.