Sunday 14 November 2021

Glenrose Cottage Retreat

 Well what a lovely peaceful place to go on retreat.  The  house is an old home renovated beautifully and  full of patchwork and quilted treasures. The shop is next door and it's a well stocked quilt shop with lots of beautiful things made to inspire you. The gardens are  show quality with lots to see.  If your not happy here I don't think you could be happy anywhere. The entrance welcomes you with a row of  barn quilts on the fence . I have not seen may of these in my travels here in Australia. We did have to provide our own food at this retreat but we were welcomed with a big bowl of fruit and tea coffee etc were provided.  We ordered the evening meal in and took some food for breakfast and lunch. I finished my Christmas attic window quilt I showed last post and also finished a quilt top for a friend who is a Vietnam veteran.  I will post a picture of the finished quilt when I hang it up next week.

The barn quilts 

Beautiful gardens 
The verandah and store entry
The entrance hall
My bedroom
Bathroom there were 3 
The girls 
Sheena's quilt same blocks different looks?

Jo was working on a table runner with a difference 

Sunday 7 November 2021

Preparing for our retreat at Glenrose Cottage Warwick

This weekend coming I am going on retreat to Warwick (about 200km away) to a place called Rose Cottage.  I have cut out this quilt, an attic window with a Christmas panel from Canning Town Patchwork  I have had a rough out with the fabric, at first I had white on the window sill but it was far too bright so I decided on this . You cant really see it but its a pale brown yellow colour. I also wanted to use what was in my stash and I did.  So we'll see if I can get it sewn and quilted this weekend.

It's absolutely pouring rain here right now and its supposed to rain all week so we may not even get there if this keeps up. I hope that is not the case. I feel bad for our farmers trying to get  their first decent harvest in years due to drought, now this. 

'm sorry about the photos,they are really not as true to colour as they should be, I will have to work on that. What ever you are doing take care and have fun...I really miss seeing all my southern friends. We can only pray this co-vid situation will be contained enough one day to let us travel again.

I'm also working on this folder from fabric I received in  a fat quarter challenge. 
the centre 

The cover