Saturday 27 April 2019

Out of the Cold

Today we headed for some time away from the cold and wind and where better than a whisky distillery and restaurant in a little town north called Timboon.  We also found  Allansford Cheeseworld. Yummy cheese , nice food and a museum. There is a huge Dairy industry here in  the Great Ocean Road area. Did you know they make "Coon" and  "Cracker Barrell" cheeses here.



Port Campbell Victoria on the Great Ocean Road

We have been staying here in  Port Campbell for 4 nights and it had rained and blew with gale force winds  since we arrived. Tonight is no different.  Not a good introduction to the Great Ocean road for our travelling friends. It is not showing it's true beauty at the moment. We have been here before so it's not so bad for us.  As you can see in this photo our vans have no awnings out at all. Ours are the two 2nd and 3rd ones from the bottom left. Mine is the white one. 

This is the jetty they usually load the fishing boats on and off their trailers . There is no boat ramp.  Not today though.

 This is the surf beach where people swim and kids play. Not today or for the last 4 days , beach closed.


Gum Valley Patchwork

I took a visit to Linda's shop "Gum Valley Patchwork" near Timboon and the Great Ocean Road.  I went there about 2-3  years ago and again I found some little goodies. 

Found these little notes in the garden

Warnnambool Victoria

The breakwater at Warnnambool Victoria
The following photos are of the historical village in Warnnambool taken from the balcony of the tourist information centre. They must have the best view in town.

 A mural depicting the history of Warrnambool

Friday 26 April 2019

Mt Gambier South Australia

The Blue Lake at Mt Gambier light blue in summer and dark blue in winter. You can just see the light blue on the edges.

 In the middle of town there is a limestone cave . This part of the coast is called the limestone coast . Lots of caves. The rose gardens are around the edge.

Historic buildings now an art gallery

My own hotel?  They must love me down here Ha! Ha!

This sculptured suitcase represents the people who migrated here from all around the world to establish this city.