Friday 31 January 2020

A Little Back Surgery

Well I'm sure you all know what these socks and beautiful stockings mean. I have been dealing with 6 months of crazy painful sciatic pain. Finally they found a little bone growth was protruding into the nerve. So Tuesday I had it removed. I am up and about slowly and it will be a while before I can do anything strenuous but to have the pain gone is worth it. The op pain will pass quickly I hope. So now to find some stitching to do. I wonder if I have any???? 

Saturday 11 January 2020

Little gifts.

I spent some time making some small  zipper pouches. I find these useful to carry bits and bobs in your hand bag and they make good gifts. 

Christmas 2019

We started our Christmas by spending the week before Christmas at the Gold Coast with our kids. A week at Treasure Island caravan park and lots of shopping and playing. We have also made it a tradition to go to the Movie World White Christmas.  It's great for families with little ones. We have done it for 3 years now and love it. 

The next day it was Sea World which the kids totally enjoyed, especially Ev, when she was asked to feed the dolphin. That was an absolute highlight for her, they even splashed each other, so cute.  

We had our family Christmas the Thursday before because it is Emma's turn to have Christmas with her family this year. 
Bernie decided to spoil me for Christmas and take me to the Brisbane Hilton for 3 nights and we had Christmas lunch at the Stamford Plaza Hotel.  Very flash and I was totally spoiled. No cooking, washing up or anything. Then right in the city for the boxing day sale. It was all together a great time. 

We made a Lego Christmas tree.

I would totally recommend lunch at the Stamford Plaza Hotel . The seafood was amazing and all the  traditional Christmas fare was on offer. The desserts were so creative and really made it feel like a "Christmas" dinner.

Pre Christmas Projects

Do you ever start a Christmas project and then not get it finished in time for Christmas? It seems to happen to me often. So this year I was determined to make them the first projects finished in the new year, ready for next Christmas 2020.

I finished a little curve ruler project. Our sewing group all  did this at our last meeting for the year. we had an all day sew in and our Christmas party as well.

 I started this wreath at our November meeting . I found it on Pinterest and really liked it. Now I am finished and its ready for a nice centre piece for 2020. I finished it today.