Friday 28 October 2016

From the Beginning

The last week has been  very busy one .  I don't seem to have been able to get to my sewing room. Well really its been like that for a while. I don't know the time ,the mojo , the family commitments or what??  But anyway I hope to get there today...

 My mum and my dad have needed a bit of care and support this past week both suffering a very bad chest infection .  Dad ended up in hospital for a week. 

Dad has been becoming more confused lately and has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease.  So I guess this means they will need more support now and into the future. I love them dearly and hate to see my dad going from a tough hard working, very proud man to this.   Life just sux sometimes.  I know there are many people who suffer this shocking disease and I feel for everyone of them and their families. 
Well enough of that...just feeling sad about it.

Every time I go to my laundry I see this wall hanging. This was what inspired me to get into patchwork and quilting in about 2003. How things have changed since then. I love this craft and  I especially love shopping and looking (ha ha) and like many of you have got a lot in my stash to finish. BUT I will get there, I am yet to retire.

Looking back 

My first applique quilt... terrible really.. I tried machine applique for the first time. I look at it now and think how did I think that was Ok ,but I hung it on the wall.  I cannot get rid of it though so it now lives in my laundry.

Then a few years later.  "The wonder of spring"  By Natalie Bird
Hand blanket stitched this time  much more improved don't you think? I love this quilt. 

Then the leap to needle turn applique . My first needle turn " Leanne's House is waiting for quilting.
But this quilt below is  "Nature's Journey" by Anni Downs.  I love it too my taste is changing. I love Anni's work.


Thursday 13 October 2016

Tuesday Night Sewing

I had a lovely night sewing with my friends on Tuesday. Jo had been to Ireland and bought us back a beautiful thimble.

In our group we are working on Foxly Village by Natalie bird. She used Tilda fabrics and I think its just beautiful. Mine will have some Tilda and some others.

Gail bought me these beautiful roses. The red ones have the most beautiful scent.

Take a Walk through my Garden

Spring time is always the best in my garden so lets go for a walk ...

Love TheseTwo

These two just light up my life. One  3 months and  the other 3 years