Sunday, 22 July 2018

All in a weekend -Sue Spargo Project begins and so does Hockey

When I was in Houston I saw Sue Spargo and bought some projects from her. It has taken me this long to get the confidence to try to start them.  This one is the beginners project.. the needle roll. I was pleased with my first circle. 

Our little girl started Hockey this was her first game.
And of course the little boy had to have a go as well, but not in the class of course.
What Ev does Colton does... well he tries to anyway. They are growing so fast 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny what sweet pics of your grandies and how cute that Colton wants to copy Ev,hope you have a wonderful Sunday my friend xx

Susan said...

Love the Sue Spargo work - I do love her stuff....just need a thousand more years.

Janice said...

I was lucky enough to attend a Sue Spargo workshop here in town that Anni Downs arranged. It looks s great fun embellishing the wool,appliqué. Enjoy the process. I look forward to seeing your progress. The kids look to be having fun with hockey.

Denice Barker said...

You go, girl! The Spargo looks good and now you're not afraid of it, are you?!
Love Colton's hat, too!