Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Nundle and a Quilt for Emma.

I have just spent a weekend at Nundle with my sewing buddies. We had a lovely weekend. It's hard not to have a great time at "Cottage on the Hill "with Kerry Swain. 

My fabric selection .. I am so not a blue person but I do love this for Emma
Chevron design for a king size bed
You can't beat the view from "Hanging  Rock " near Nundle NSW
My sewing buddies,  Myself (left)  Gail (centre) and Jo 
A king size quilt , it doesn't quite look like it ,but believe me it's big.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

We Won

Well the BBQ competition is over.        Guess what we won!    So excited. 

I never thought we would have a chance with the army chef  there.  We won a BBQ just like the ones we cooked on thanks to Mitre 10  Hardware  and Rotary.  So lucky.  Hope you like the photos .

Bernie getting ready to go 
We were both very busy .. one hour to cook a BBQ meal for 10 people
Chef Alistair  McLoud  and Tully from My Kitchen Rules were the judges.

Chef Otis from the Army made a lamb back strap crusted with vegetables.
Graham the Mayor Of Goondiwindi - fillet steak and vegetables .
Jason and Shane from Goondiwindi Police - Pork ribs and salad 
The judges tasting our food
These are our 10 plates of food.  Thai Barbecue chicken and Thai style salad.  "The Winners "

Saturday, 9 September 2017

BBQ Boss

This is what we are up to tomorrow!! Wish us luck
This is what we hope to reproduce tomorrow. Had to practice of course.
BBQ Thai Chicken


These two adventurers got themselves into a very large empty pot but couldn't get out. They were glad to be set free. ( Bearded Dragons)

Perfectly Pleasing Pin Cushion Parade

Thought I might join the Perfectly Pleasing Pin Cushion Parade. 

The little tea cup I got  few years ago in Georgetown Tasmania. My dear friend Gail made me the large blue one with the embroidery. The large pink one was a gift as a kit from another Gayle (SIL). The others are a combination of gifts from friends and some I have made.
This is one of the cutest - Pincushion and storage all in one in the shape of an orange. Thanks to Dawnie for this one. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

True Love

I think when your husband is visiting San Francisco,  Enid, Oklahoma and Salt lake City on a work trip  and finds time to stop by 2 patchwork shops and buys you fabric... that's true love. I love him to bits.  I am grateful every day that I married him 35 years ago. Look what he chose for me...I just love it all. I was so surprised !!
2  half yard pieces 
This is a beautiful panel.. I love the colours and I love the bison
These  blue /grey panels are  just awesome, the way the landscape is a part the animal. I will have to look for some fabrics to use with them.


Bernie has just arrived home from his trip to the US and bought some cute gifts for me.