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I am so blessed to be a wife,mum and a grandma. Our wonderful son and his lovely wife have just had a daughter. My little family complete. My husband and I both work full time. We enjoy travelling, going in our caravan, dining out and spending time with friends and visiting our children whenever we can. Oh shouldn't forget "Tess" the spoilt black kelpie. I love anything country and Shabby Chic and I love patchwork and stitching and getting together with like minded ladies who love to do the same. Just wish I had time to do more. I love catching up with friends over a cup of coffee , and the smell of biscuits cooking in the oven on a rainy day. I enjoy keeping in touch with the many friends I have met through blogging and sharing our sewing and our lives on our blogs. I love going off on stitching retreats and quilting weekends with my quilting buddy and friends. And of course I love the birds in my garden. I also write the blog for our local quilt group Macintyre Quilters which you find on the side bar.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Special Birthday

A very special little one in our life is one today. I cannot believe I have been a grandmother for a year. What a wonderful privilege. 

From this amazing moment

To loving to play outside 

To going out with my mum

To being ONE

Happy Birthday little one.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

August Retreat

Sorry to be a bit late with this post.  I had the best time on that weekend with some lovely ladies. Getting away,shopping, chatting, lunching and sewing at the lovely Cottage On the Hill . We stayed in the  new cabins at the Fossikers Tourist Park......very nice.

Good fun group of ladies 

"janimary" doing her stretches after a day of quilting .. LOL
 "shiraleestitches" working with Grey and pink.

Guess who sewing 

Some funny Jokes.....

and finished her bag on the comfy couch 

Chooky getting organised 

Started with this." little black Dress" by Moda 

Lots of diagonal strips and no the Union Jack is not mine ....lovely though!

Building a graduated quilt- more black to go yet....

Wonderful Big Weekend at home

My niece had a baby shower, the kids were home and we just loved it. All the family come to visit ......Oh and it poured raining.

Nappy cakes 

Real cakes/ white chocolate mud cakes with raffaelos and musk.    

What else do you do early morning when it's raining but have cuddles with your granddaughter

Poppy's turn then they both slept again....nice

Poppy's girl

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Testing my new blog app . Thanks Googy Girl.....Had the best time with some special friends on the weekend . Thanks everyone I just loved it. Hope everyone arrived home safe. I got home about 8.15 to a lovely cooked dinner.....do love my hubby. My fabric and ready to start . More photos of progress later

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Last weekend we had a workshop for our quilt group. 
Kathy from KOOL KATS  quilting in Toowoomba came to our  quilting group. We had a two day retreat at home making a Bali Butterfly. Fist day Kathy tutored us , second day we continued to sew.  Mr Bird cooked all our meals and the lovely ladies gave us these tulips for preparing the food..  Tulips are my favourites. 

Just beautiful inside. Hmm. I wonder if they knew orange is my favourite.

Picking a background

I think mine looks more like a moth than a butterfly but we will see when its finished...

My friend Margie S's quilt

My friend Jo's lovely quilt

A Return from Sweden

 This weekend we have been very lucky to have one of our past Rotary exchange students return to visit us.

 Elsa is a part of our family now after living with us for 3 months in 2002. She bought her boyfriend Per with her. What a nice time we have had.  

The  exchange was a wonderful educational experience for our family and we have made friends forever.  Over time we have had 2 girls from Denmark and one from Germany and one from Sweden( Elsa).  All but one has returned for a visit and the last says she is coming soon. 

 We have had fun eating, drinking, talking and  looking for kangaroos and emus. We have been to a farm and to a trail ride. 

When  you look for everything your town has to offer to show overseas visitors you really take a second look and  appreciate it more.

Family Gathering

A lovely gift from Elsa and Per... Radish girls.

Funny the brand.... by Elsa From Elsa  not the same Elsa  of course.

I made her favourite cookies. Cornflake choc chip cookies.  

They made us a very nice entree - Pear and Haloumi (Paron and Haloumi) So simple  yet so nice.

Breakfast for the tourists at my favourite coffee shop.. Lauren'z .
 I  taught Lauren ( in black) at school, a few years ago now.
The best eggs benedict you will get anywhere....

Elsa and Per at the farm

Looking for Emus ...we did find some

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A little help needed

Girls in blogland who live in Bathurst.  I am trying to find some fabric with coffee cups on it in browns and reds and earthy colours. I think that shop with all the novelty fabrics might have some.  Does anyone know the name of it so I can phone them.....    Cant find the fabric here... Thanks