Sunday, 5 April 2020

Birthday in COVID lock down

Yesterday I spent the most unusual birthday with my family . We had a virtual lunch. Hubby made me the best roast pork lunch and the kids sat to their table at the same time and we shared conversation and cake. Colty though it was funny when the candles weren't going out when he blew them ha! ha ! He is the only one finding all this very confusing as the rest of us understand. But considering how things are at the moment I had a lovely day and appreciated the effort put in by friends and family to communicate best wishes to me.
My friend Kerry made this beautiful covered tape measure for me, its is so sweet with grub roses and seed pearls. I received things to sew, scented candles and little bags as well as a face massage gadget. I was very spoiled.

My lovely hubby organised all this for me knowing how much I was missing the kids. 

Check out this crackle  I did' have to share ..........
 I feel truly blessed.

And I think my freind in Michigan ( Weesied)may have had an anniversary yesterday as well, so happy Anniversary


I am really loving Sue Spargo projects I have just  finished this little zip bag called Wild Tulip Sac .
I placed a little badge on it that says hand made, I think they are very cute in rose gold and matched the zip also in rose gold.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19

I don't think I can have a blog without talking about COVID-19 so don't read this if you know all about it as I am sure everyone does by now.  Its now a pandemic .

This Pandemic has swept across the world like a tornado of sickness, death and discomfort for all. 
It started in China and quickly spread across the world with international travelers. Entire cruise ships have been quarantined.  Italy was one of the first countries badly hit by the virus, then it spread through out Europe the UK , the USA and of course here to Australia . I don't think any country will escape this pandemic.
Today in Australia we have 5,100 cases, 345 recovered and 23 have died. In the USA 201,312 have the virus 5,110 have dies and 8,878 have recovered. That is just an example at this moment. Those figures are climbing every day. 

So what's happening. The borders of the States are closed for the first time in one hundred years.
All pubs, clubs, restaurants and coffee shops are closed. Only takeaway is available.
The Australian border is closed. Anyone coming home from overseas has to isolate for 14 days in hotels. Anyone over 70 or with lowered immune system or chronic illness should be staying home. Anyone over 70 cannot visit anyone in hospital.Self isolation is what people are being told to do.
You cannot gather in groups and only one other person can visit your home at a time. 
People out in public need to stay 1.5 m apart
Schools are closed for extended holidays and may be for a longer time , no one knows what will happen in 3 weeks.
The list goes on- never have we had these limitations to save peoples lives, the economy is falling rapidly because so many businesses are closed. Only what they class as essential services are open.
The stores are out of most non perishable things because people are panic buying. 
Nurses and doctors and pharmacists are being called out of retirement and the army is helping with monitoring isolation, and in businesses making medical masks and sanitizers. It is a crazy world and a little scary I guess.

I feel most for all the health workers putting themselves on the front line. THANK YOU !

We are not supposed to travel out of our area.  
One can't complain when authorities are trying to save lives.  
I only have one -
The thing I'm really having trouble with is not seeing my Son , Daughter in law and grandchildren.
I so miss my grand babies at this time and especially the thought of not seeing them for months.... thank goodness for technology and smart phones.
I thought I should record this on my blog just because its happening.

Stay safe every one stay home , wash your hands a lot, phone your friends and practice social distancing. 

The symptoms

The virus

Girls Stitch in 2020 hosted by "QUILTERS ANGEL" Highfields Toowoomba

What a wonderful day the  "Girls Stitch In " was. The hall was set up with soft pink colours  with little chandeliers glistening away on each table and bows on the chairs. You would think we were at a wedding.
 Marion said just a day to relax and appreciate ourselves as women and who and what we are. We were treated very well.The guest designers were Natalie Bird of "Birdhouse" and Kris Mears of "Tag along Teddies".
Natalie with her display
Kris Teaching some skills
Below are both sides of Kris' display

All meals were provided and we sat at a table and table service was provided.

The Projects 
Kris designed  the Ipad cover and the tote bag.
Natalie designed  the 3 small items , pin cushion, project bag and thread holder. 

Jenny actually went right home and finished the projects as well as made a block holder and a zipper bag to use up every scrap of the fabric as there was a bit must be a miracle or NO just  CO-VID isolation.
The day's projects 
My extra projects inspired by Natalie's designs
My complete matching set  

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Mouse Pin Cushion

Soon I'm going to a" Girls Stitch In"  in Toowoomba .  Natalie Bird ( The Birdhouse patchwork Designs ) and Kris Mears (Tag Along Teddies ) will be the guest designers. I was a bit inspired and  I couldn't resist buying this Natalie Bird pattern when I was in Toowoomba last week.   I am even more surprised that I have already made it up and its finished. Yeah! It's more than a pin cushion but a carry all for stitchery days out, just perfect for the Toowoomba day out.

Paw Patrol and Dinosaurs for Colt

Since I've been recovering from my back op I have had lots of time to stitch so finishing things is on my agenda. I got this one finished for Colt before he is too old for it. It has a cosy minky type backing and cotton on the front. Its very simple as I am sure it will be used and washed a lot.

The weather has been so nice here we have had rain very few days so far this month. Every thing is as green as and after a couple of years of not having to mow the grass it's a full time job now and I AM NOT complaining. Its so refreshing.  According to my gauge we have had 159ml this month. in the imperial system that is 6.2 inches. In a normal the February average is  69ml  although of course  we have not had that during the drought time. I hope you are getting rain if you need it.

Love the little dinosaur tracks on this fabric

Monday, 17 February 2020

Fairies for Em

During my convalescence I have been catching up on some sewing as it is the one thing I can do.  Stitching quilt binds has taken a bit of time. I can t believe I have 2 quilts all done just waiting for the binding to be stitched.
Well this one is finished. My daughter in law said that she had one just the same that her grandmother made her when she was a girl. When the floods went through her town she lost many of her treasured memories including her quilt. So of course she had her eye on this one. She loved it. I bought it about 6 years ago on a trip to North Queensland thinking it would be lovely for my granddaughter when she turned 5 or 6.  The material is not as old as my DIL so I think it must be a reproduction. I machine quilted it myself , I'm not too good at it but I am learning so this will have to do.

Just did some basic stippling 

Tried a couple of daisies but the centre isn't too good so will cover it with something .