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I am so blessed to be a wife,mum and a grandma. Our wonderful son and his lovely wife have just had a daughter. My little family complete. My husband and I both work full time. We enjoy travelling, going in our caravan, dining out and spending time with friends and visiting our children whenever we can. Oh shouldn't forget "Tess" the spoilt black kelpie. I love anything country and Shabby Chic and I love patchwork and stitching and getting together with like minded ladies who love to do the same. Just wish I had time to do more. I love catching up with friends over a cup of coffee , and the smell of biscuits cooking in the oven on a rainy day. I enjoy keeping in touch with the many friends I have met through blogging and sharing our sewing and our lives on our blogs. I love going off on stitching retreats and quilting weekends with my quilting buddy and friends. And of course I love the birds in my garden. I also write the blog for our local quilt group Macintyre Quilters which you find on the side bar.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A little help needed

Girls in blogland who live in Bathurst.  I am trying to find some fabric with coffee cups on it in browns and reds and earthy colours. I think that shop with all the novelty fabrics might have some.  Does anyone know the name of it so I can phone them.....    Cant find the fabric here... Thanks

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Yesterday was the first day I was able to get to the sewing machine in a while. I cleaned the sewing room up as I usually have to before I start. Don't know why .....its always a mess when I finish....LOL.
My good friend Gail arrived and we had a lovely day of sewing.  Always better to sew with a friend....

I am on a mission to finish things lately but I am busting to start a new project....so we will see how long it lasts.

First we started with cake -

I finished my Dresden plate quilt I started with Kerry Swain at "Cottage on the Hill"  last year.

Gail was working on her challenge ...Shhh..........

Our quilt group  has a challenge at the moment......we all had to wrap 4 fat quarters and put them in a basket then we had to pick one out and create something with them...we could use any embellishment and one metre of extra fabric.....  I have to hurry up and start mine.

A machine mat with matching thread catcher......only the bind to be stitched now.

The thread catcher will be added to the tile and hang over the edge of the table.
I am using my special edition Singer to sew bindings 

Twin quilts made at Kerry Swains at "Cottage on the Hill" Nundle. 

Just binding to be done ...tonight's job


Chooky's post inspired me to show my thimble  collection. They come from all around Australia and the world.

The girls in our sewing group often bring us thimbles back from their travels. 

Thimble House 
My favourite one I actually use - from China ( the panda)   and  some of my favourites but most useless . 


"I am writing this blog with both anticipation and concern....

My beautiful Agave garden has some flowers and I have been  waiting patiently anticipating the flowers BUT...........................I then  researched and found out .............


form rosettes of large, often fleshy leaves, that can have fiercely toothed edges and long spines at the tips. The cream to chrome yellow flowers are borne in clusters on tall branching stems. While flower stems can be spectacular both in size and color, agave rosettes are monocarpic (dying after flowering) though most species produce offsets or pups beforehand. Species with only a few very large rosettes, such as Agave americana, are grown mainly for their foliage and form.

Now I am very sad it is a big patch to fill in my garden.....

It started like this for a few weeks


Its very slow at opening the buds ....now I know why...

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Special Event Sewing

Making a Christening Bib for my granddaughter 

How to embellish ???

Finished !!   Hope they like it ...
Having fun at our favourite breakfast spot.
Now for the serious stuff!!  2 new bangles  one from Grandma  Jen  and one from Nanny Gail

Check out the pink boots. A little bit of country

I think they liked the bib....It was all too much for  her after her head was wet.

Emm's Family

Isn't it lovely when they cuddle you...

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Weekend in the Hunter Valley

The long weekend we went with some good friends to the Hunter Valley for some wining dining and fun.

A view from Peterson's Winery

Hanging Tree Cellar Door

I just love rustic 

and Bubbles - bought this pack home

A Bubbles show bag ... just for you Chooky ....check out the eye glasses

Hubby thought this retro tea towel was just right for me ....

Love to Finish

I dont know why it's so hard to get back into things after being on holidays.

I have spent 3 weekends in a row away and 2 of those  sewing and one wining and dining in the Hunter Valley. How lucky am I . Never a dull day in this house.

Let me start with a beautiful weekend at a fantastic retreat location "Stacey's at the Gap". All weekend sewing with friends and catching up on UFO's.  You will find it on line if you want a nice place to go. Its not far from Warwick or Brisbane.


Some books for our grand daughter- got these at a little patchwork shop at Coolah

Finish number one - fabric given to me by a Margie C a few Christmas's ago

Proof I am sewing

A baby quilt finished with just the bind to go

Safari quilt finished- designed , sewn and quilted by me .....Ta Da...
Made this for my Dad, he had a tear in his eye when he got it. .  I think he liked it. He loves African Animals. I started this quilt at Stacey's Stacey's at the Gap last year, quilted it there this year and the binding and label was finished at the Chookshed.
A baby quilt  all done except for the bind.  Isabell gave me this lovely baby fabric for Christmas.

A stitchery designed by Rosalie Quinlan .  Now a lovely cushion.
Lots of finishes...Yeah!


I had this lovely tea cup and plate that belongs in my sewing basket....lovely Chooky gave me the Cofee mug and a couple of spares to match...thank you 

This is a beautiful and quirky sewing music box..My lovely sister found this for me a few weeks ago. I got it when I got home from the Chookshed.
Its so cute..open the drawer and all parts move and it plays music as well.

I worked on completing this dresden plate quilt . I started it at Kerry's " Cottage on the Hill" last year.  Nearly finished it at the Chookshed.

Good friends and food at the sewing weekend at the Chookshed

My lovely hubby  made ice cream while I was sewing ...YUM.. easy as condensed milk ,cream and fruit from Nigella Lawson