Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cooking and Sewing

Life is so good when your son cooks for you.  I am sure Mr bird jnr. is getting to be as keen on cooking as his Dad. It makes me so proud.

Pre dinner starters
Very Yummy 

 Scones from the master chef  Good scones take some perfecting, I think he has done it. The unusual shape top was achieved with a little tuppawear scone cutter.

Morning Tea ..... Scrumptious Scones.  We eaten most of them ...

Had lots of rain here Friday and Saturday.... good for sewing!

The afternoon before the rain 

Another view

I thought a rainy day was a good time to get some dinosaurs out of the cupboard. I started this a couple of years ago. I trying some trupunto (not sure how to spell it.) and hand quilting. Only a little hand quilting to go before I can bind it.

I am also trying my hand at some book covers. I love using bright colourful novelty prints for these sorts of projects.

Thanks for dropping by !

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Chookyblue...... said...

yummy food.........
there has been some lovely sunsets lately.....
goodluck getting the dinosaur finished.......