Sunday, 12 August 2012

Terrence the Tin Tent

"Terrence the Tin Tent"  well at least that is what Mr Bird calls our new caravan. This is a first for us we are so excited.   So on the weekend we went to Nindigully Pub to try it out. About 158 Kms . 
We had a fantastic time. Beaut spot to camp on the Moonie River. 

For those who are Australian Movie  Buffs there was a movie made her called "Boomarang Cafe" . The Nindigully pub was the setting for many scenes.  I might add there is nothing else in this remote place except the Nindy Gully Pub,

They are famous for the biggest burger.  The "Road Train" burger.  4 of us decided to share one but we could not eat it all, but we made a fair hole in it !   

We met our friends and headed west

First stop Talwood 

Second NindiGully Pub

A fine selection of well worn Akubras on the pub wall.

I wish I had my camera these reflections are from my phone - beautiful Western Qld River

There was about 40 campers there.

Tea by the river - not what they were drinking last night Ha !Ha !

Our caravan's ours is on the right.
Barbe breakfast 

Relaxing by the Moonie with my friend Lib.
The famous burger

We ordered it !

We pretended to eat it 

Burger , Onion rings and of course chips !

One quarter each  mmmmm.......couldn't eat it all 

Couldn't eat it like a burger either! Oh well  a bit of fun and very well priced!

And it was cold! But the tea was great !!!!


Susan said...

I hope it's the start of many happy trips for you, but don't eat too many of those burgers!

Sharm said...

Wow Jen, this looks great! You got some good photos & it looks like the caravan was a hit! Nothing better than camping & travelling around. Looks like it would have plenty of room inside as well. Loved the photo of the akubras on the wall - some really were well worn! LOL..... Checking out your girls day out in the country countdown... which part of the country??

Chookyblue...... said...

oh looks like you had a great time.......a short trip to try it all out............have fun with Terrence the Tin Tent..........

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I smiled at this - I don't think I ever sent the photo of you eating the burger at Nundle. I'll send it today. My husband used to go to Nindygully to play at the B&S's back in the eighties. 900 people used to go - they played at the tennis courts. Kayly tells me that we will see you in Toowoomba - looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a GREAT holiday. Loved all the photos especially the BURGER !!!!