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Thursday, 9 January 2014

A little Shopping

Just thought I would share some shopping I did on the way home from our Northern holiday...It is good to be home....especially when I can smell rain in the air... we will see.

Back to the shopping .  We stopped at Wondai, and happened to be across from a little shop selling antiques and second hand items. Mr Bird decided to go have a look, which was amazing in itself...must have been meant to go.

By the way Aussie girls if you ever drive past that lovely tourist info place its well worth a look ... a beautiful display of wood carving telling the story of the timber industry in the area.

We are not collectors of antiques but we both like the odd old thing. I fell in love with this little table. I thought if I  reline the inside it would make a great place to keep some stitching beside my chair... $ 60 ..I thought it was a good price but as i said I am not into it. Did I do well??? If you know anything about it let me know???

Mr Bird fell in love with this cutlery set for sentimental reasons... His dad used this type of cutlery every  day. May be we will too. It just feels good.

In a lovely oak case

 At our last stop " Moonie" we found these... by Wrangler . We both decided Evelyn needed them.  Summer jeans for babies... LOL

Finally when we got home .. dinner was quick with produce we had bought away.

Maggie Beer's Tomato and basil  Sugo ( pasta sauce) and some Italian pasta....  

 Have you seen this pasta before. We got it in Atherton.. big Italian population in that area.  Love Italian  food.

It was multi coloured stripes, about an inch wide and serrated on the edge... Interesting .. you needed a knife and fork to eat it not a spoon and fork.  Wasn't sure if I was eating an octopus or a ribbon. Tasted good though....   Hopefully my next blog will be stitching...

Take care all our American friends who are freezing and snowed in. 


shez said...

oh jenny i love that table and i would say a bargain at $60 ,love it and the cutlery set,great buys there and how sweet is your little Evelyn and growing so fast,have a lovely day Jenny and i hope you get your rain.xx

Susan said...

I don't know much about antiques either, but I'd say your hot a good deal, especially since you love it and will use it. It will be great for your stitching. Cute little duds for Evelyn. Yummy pasta.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow my type of purchases.....and how cute are those wranglers!!!!

Gail Kettle said...

I love the table and cutlery set just my sort of thingšŸ˜€love Evelyn's pants also