Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sewing and Photos

I have been madly stitching to catch up on some hand sewing I am doing for a stitch along with  my blog group.  I am still behind but getting there. These are some blocks from   Nature's Journey by Anni Downs  of  " Hatched and Patched".  Anni is one my favourite designers.  I love her work. 

Some photos of our favourite girls....I wonder what is on her mind...Such a little girl and such a big ocean.


How nice to be so young and free of fear of things like... going topless at the beach, flipping fish fins and  claws on live crabs. Lots of trust in Mummy and Daddy I think.

Finally I leave you with a picture by an amazing photographer..Dan Mcintosh.  He takes amazing photographs of the outback.. you can check him out him on Facebook. 


Jen said...

HI, Jenny, The hand sewn blocks are pretty. Have you decided what you are going to make with them. How cute is your little granddaughter in the outfit you bought her. Great outback photo.

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Chookyblue...... said...

delete the 2nd comment.......spam.......

your block are looking good......

Susan said...

Your NJ blocks are lovely, I am so tempted! Your girls are lovely too. It's good to see little kids just being themselves.