Monday, 6 July 2015

Sewing for Glamping

I started this on Friday night . Tried to sign up for the Stitch In with "Dory" but I am not sure it worked... any way...This is what I did but only finished yesterday due to unexpected visitors.

I love that word "glamping"  Camping in style... Spent many years camping the hard way.  I love my new caravan..

I have been making some bags to store those objects that rattle around. We bought a couple of 12 volt fans for camping away from the power. 

Found this really cute novelty fabric ... yes it has caravans on it.....  just made for the job.

A draw string bag with some simple quilting for the large fan.

                        Matching pair .   A smaller non quilted bag for the small fan .

                                                       Enjoy Your Sewing.