Monday, 16 May 2016

A Group Project

Our little sewing group has decided to work on a project together." Foxly Village" by Natalie Bird . It is being featured in the Homespun magazine at the moment at one block per magazine. It's so beautiful I think. . As if I need another project... Oh well.. That's the life of a quilter I guess.

 Sheena is zooming ahead with 3 blocks cut out and one almost complete.

Margie has been sewing the blocks together.

I chose to use needle turn. Not sure if its the right choice?  What do you think should I change my mind and blanket stitch? ( everyone else is using blanket stitch)  So many little pieces. As you can see the placement or applique isn't quite done yet.

One block finished. I love this Tilda fabric . I will use a combination, some from my stash and some from some Tilda fat quarters I bought from Quilters Angel at "Highfields" out of Toowoomba. I love that shop.

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