Friday, 28 October 2016

From the Beginning

The last week has been  very busy one .  I don't seem to have been able to get to my sewing room. Well really its been like that for a while. I don't know the time ,the mojo , the family commitments or what??  But anyway I hope to get there today...

 My mum and my dad have needed a bit of care and support this past week both suffering a very bad chest infection .  Dad ended up in hospital for a week. 

Dad has been becoming more confused lately and has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease.  So I guess this means they will need more support now and into the future. I love them dearly and hate to see my dad going from a tough hard working, very proud man to this.   Life just sux sometimes.  I know there are many people who suffer this shocking disease and I feel for everyone of them and their families. 
Well enough of that...just feeling sad about it.

Every time I go to my laundry I see this wall hanging. This was what inspired me to get into patchwork and quilting in about 2003. How things have changed since then. I love this craft and  I especially love shopping and looking (ha ha) and like many of you have got a lot in my stash to finish. BUT I will get there, I am yet to retire.

Looking back 

My first applique quilt... terrible really.. I tried machine applique for the first time. I look at it now and think how did I think that was Ok ,but I hung it on the wall.  I cannot get rid of it though so it now lives in my laundry.

Then a few years later.  "The wonder of spring"  By Natalie Bird
Hand blanket stitched this time  much more improved don't you think? I love this quilt. 

Then the leap to needle turn applique . My first needle turn " Leanne's House is waiting for quilting.
But this quilt below is  "Nature's Journey" by Anni Downs.  I love it too my taste is changing. I love Anni's work.



Susan said...

Sorry to hear about your parents, especially your dad. It's a hard time for everyone. Hope you live close enough that you can help out and visit a lot. Don't forget to look after yourself too. I had to laugh at the wall hanging the laundry........I have one too......and a failed cross stitch that lives in the henhouse! Just can't throw them out.

Chookyblue...... said...

Been there done that with a couple of grandparents ...... It sure suxs.......the infection would have not helped things at the moment either.....Just makes them worse usually....... Big hugs.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny so sorry to hear that about your dad,sending you all big hugs .
I love your work even your first quilt ,I so struggle to make quilts and I admire all yours my friend xx

Susan said...

Sorry to her about your parents - your dad especially...old age is not good for everyone.

Dont be so hard on yourself - recognise it as the beginning of the journey..what child could walk without wobbles to start??

Janice said...

It's hard to see your parents suffering. My thoughts are with you all. Thanks for sharing your early appliqué. I have one little wall,hanging for my first attempt and when we were packing up Mum's house to move her to a retirement unit recently I found where I had blanket stitched around a cheater fabric into a wall hanging for her. They are great to use as a gauge as to how our skills and styles have progressed.