Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A kangaroo family

This is the way to work and town and these are my mates on the way . Their family is growing. They seem to like to live on the edge of town in an empty paddock with easy access to the golf course and some  scrub to sleep under during the day.  Sorry about the poor photography  it's the distance as they are wild kangaroos .  

In October I am joining Kerry Swain's Quilting tour of the US and the best news is I am going to visit one of my blogger friends. So I am trying to post a few photos of my town before I go.

 I was Denice's secret santa a few years ago and we have stayed in contact ever since. She suggested she might try to catch up while I was there and now I am going to visit her at her place for a couple of days before I fly home......So excited.
 Denice's Day  (weesied.blogspot.com.au).

I am so grateful for my blogger friends and for my now dear  friend  Chookyblue  who made all this possible a few years ago at GDITC  when she convinced me to be a blogger. See all you bloggy  friends  soon at Nundle .


Susan said...

Much better scenery than me!!!

Blogging is such a great thing...no matter what, we can find friends almost everywhere.
How exciting to be doing that USA trip.

Chookyblue...... said...

I want to stow away in your suitcase..........would be great to meet Denise.........we have been online friends for many many years now.........

Cheryll said...

That's awesome Jenny. It's always NiCe to meet fellow bloggers let alone FRieNDs... xox

Laurie Larson-Doornbos said...

Hi from the U.S. via Denice's Day! I love reading about her quilty friends :)