Monday, 28 August 2017

True Love

I think when your husband is visiting San Francisco,  Enid, Oklahoma and Salt lake City on a work trip  and finds time to stop by 2 patchwork shops and buys you fabric... that's true love. I love him to bits.  I am grateful every day that I married him 35 years ago. Look what he chose for me...I just love it all. I was so surprised !!
2  half yard pieces 
This is a beautiful panel.. I love the colours and I love the bison
These  blue /grey panels are  just awesome, the way the landscape is a part the animal. I will have to look for some fabrics to use with them.


Denice Barker said...

Absolutely incredible that he stopped for fabric for you. Unbelievable!
What a sweetie.

Sharm said...

Oh WOW! Totally agree, and they are some great looking panels!!

Susan said...

Great choices!

Sheryl said...

Great fabric and how thoughtful a husband can you get.