Thursday, 28 September 2017


Just a little work trip with Hubby 

Goondiwinidi to Brisbane Monday    4 h 6 min (345.7 kmvia State Route 85
 Brisbane to Quilpie   Tuesday            10 h 50 min (953.9 kmvia Warrego Hwy
Quilpie to Goondiwinidi   Friday                 8 h 49 min (819.8 km) 
Home  Friday night -- I hope 

I always find it so amazing how positive,resourceful ,kind and friendly people who live in the far west of our state of Queensland are. The little town of Quilpie is in a dry arid place. With high sprinklers they put some water on their garden to have a small patch of green. Why high sprinklers do you ask ? Because the water that comes out of the ground and it's too hot to put directly on the garden.

The council is out working hard to beauty and maintain their little outback town . We visited the stores and each offered something different to provide what people need.

The love of the arts and the outback culture is evident and proudly shown.

The tourist season is over so things are quiet now but they will keep going. This is the second time I have been here this year once when the town was overflowing with people for the centenary and yesterday when we arrived  it was 41 C and there were just the locals.  Either way this is an awesome little town. When you travel through these small outback towns stop and buy lunch or check out the stores and buy a little or big something you need.  My friend and I found some things were cheaper than the larger towns and some little stores had some real finds 

For my overseas friends this is where Quilpie is.


Denice Barker said...

I can't imagine that kind of heat. But it's one of the things I would definitely want to experience were I ever to be there. and what a tidbit of information about their sprinklers! We have friends in Arizona and that was something they had to learn to cope with, too.Water out of the hose was so hot it killed all of their plants! Quilpie looks like a charmer town.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny wow what a fun place,lovely you got to go with hubby xx

Janice said...

Thanks for showcasing Quilpie. Like you, we love checking out the small towns and marvel at what they have to offer. Now we will have to add it to our list of places to visit.