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In Amish Territory- Kent County Ohio

The following notes are about the Ohio section of our journey. Its notes or nothing guys!

Day 3,4,5,6

Off to Ohio flew to Cleveland
On the lake Earie large city rock and roll hall of fame here
Bussed to Berlin pronounced "Berlon"

Saw lots of Amish people in buggies. A large population of Amish and Mennonites. The population doubles every 22 years.

The weather changed quickly - quite cold 6 degrees rained on the last day, Cold to the bone - a good time to do Christmas shops

Nearly every store and house were decorated with fall decoration, pumpkins and corn and chrysanthemums, lots of chrysanthemums.

Sugar Creek - known as little Switzerland and it was so Swiz. Lovely little patchwork shop. Got Colton’s pig truck and sewing clocks here.

Millersburg - more city like not many Amish lots of Antique shops not as pretty in the Main Street. It has a mall, but we never saw it.

Berlin -
 Saw lots of Amish people in buggies. A large population of Amish and Mennonites live here. It is a dry town , no alcohol and what a difference it makes. 

Settled by the Amish in 1800 after persecution in Germany, Switzerland and France because they would not baptize the babies. They believe people should make a choice as adults to join the church. Young people can have cars etc but when they decide to join the church all that must be sold. Amish have no electricity or modern appliances. Some old people do for their health as they have no one to do the harder tasks , for them. The population of the Amish doubles every 22 years.

We went to Lone Star quilt shop , a huge range of fabric at  about 10 dollars a yard. Why do we pay so much?
All quilt shops had quilts and small items for sale.

I found a double wedding ring quilt for $660 it is so big and beautiful.
I found it at a really genuine Amish store. All sewing done on a treadle machine. Hand quilted and the quilts are often quilted by a group of ladies.

We visited the Amish Community Education Center it was very interesting.

Amish men work together on barn raising, building a barn in a day. 
the education centre had wagons the Amish arrived in and farming tools. A typical Amish school was replicated there.

 Amish children are home schooled until 13 then they learn a trade. They do not go to university but do work in the community. Mennonites can go to university. Mennonites are more modern but still have many old ways.

The Amish information center showed all the history and culture of the Amish.When they found we were quilters we were offered an amazing experience to meet an Amish lady in her own home. So is the story of Netty and Alma , 2 sisters, both quilters. We found out by coincidence that Netty’s sister Alma was the one who pieced my quilt and Sarah Miller quilted it. I was so pleased to meet the lady and be in her home and see the sewing machine it was made on.

Grandmas fanny's quilt shop is a quilt barn in  Berlin. I bought the forest friends  kit and moose fabric as well as some pot mitt patterns.

On our last day in Berlin it rained and it was very cold but we did find a beautiful Christmas shop. So many lovely decorations.

We went to the leather shop and to the forge all handmade items bought Colton's Noah’s Ark

We had dinner at a traditional Amish restaurant, buffet style pork, breaded chicken, pumpkin pies, vegetables, noodles with a thick chicken gravy and the best pies you could eat- peanut butter pie and apple pie.

We also visited a cheese shop

Food in this area.

1 .mexican
2. Amish restaurant - Farmstead Berlin
3. Restaurant in Charm "Stutsen Stopper." Breaded pork fillet
4 Dinner with Levi and Betty Troyer  - Traditional Amish dinner
Their house had a  wood fire to heated and the lights are gas . The do not have any electricity. They do have double glazed doors .

We ate salad, potatoes, noodles ,beans, breaded chicken, beef meat loaf  Apple crumble pie and peanut butter pie.

Typical Foods-

Lots of bakery food cinnamon rolls,
Peanut butter
Maple syrup
Iced tea with heaps of sugar syrup
Bread even has sugar in it.

Our Hotel 
Traditional Amish carriage 
The wagons the Amish arrived in Berlin in in the 1800's

Now the Amish use black buggies to travel in every day. The more strict will have no modern additions.  Some will have lights and safety signs.
Just love seeing the buggies in action,

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