Thursday, 23 November 2017

Waco and Magnolia Silos

Have you ever seen the "Fixer Upper " its a home reno show hosted by Chip and Joanna Gains.  This is their shop and community area in Waco, Texas. They took an industrial wasteland in Waco and made it a place for them and their community.

It is surrounded by gardens 

By night 
I'm sure Kerry loved this place more than anyone.
Sharon, Kerry and I
The home shop.. so much Christmas
This fake turf area is a place to relax and for kids to play 
 The girls on the tour Left Sue,Faye,Anne,Christine,Janine,Sue,Kylie,DI, Jenny


The Waco bridge and tadium by night 

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Anonymous said...

Omg Jenny this would've been the high light for me ,love this couple band what they have achieved for their community thankyou for sharing xx