Sunday, 19 March 2017

More Girls Day Girls

There are going to be so may posts and photos of Girls Day In The Country.... sorry ...I have posted a heap tonight and more to come. The saddest news was that this is the last one. I think we were all a bit heart broken...Goodnight my friends.. will miss you all.  Thank you for a beautiful weekend together.. sewing...talking and most of all laughing.

Photos from GDITC 2017

Deb , Sandy and I  sat with Dzintra,  Annette ,and Fiona 
Lea and I 
Janis, Julie, Linda
Susan, Marilyn and Dee

Afternoon drinks at GDITC

Dawni made a beautiful novelty sewing case and pin cushion....... I got it in the swap... Yeah!  Love it Dawnie, cute as an orange...
The lovely Kez 
We  all wanted Lea's beautiful recycled tapestry pear.
Trish got it in the swap.  Almost a googy egg for her collection.

Showing Lucy

Sandy from "Shiralee Stitches" has got many of us completing Lucy Boston Block. Googy (Trish) is using blue 

Sandy and  Donna are doing lots on theirs as well.

GDITC Breakfast

The Chooky cooking breakfast for her roomies !  Yum . I might add after she had been for a 6 km walk. Lucky us. Thanks Chookyblue.
Donna and Sandy walking in Fossicker's Tourist Park 
 ( caravan park and cabins)

The Peel Inn

The Peel in has a beautiful beer garden .  It would have been beautiful place for lunch , except it rained.

Show and Tell

Every time we go to "Girls Day in The Country" (GDITC) our group of bloggers get together and show our quilts and small projects, some are finished , some works in progress.

Deb from "Frog Cottage" show us 3 beautiful quilt tops.

Jo Jo always comes to GDITC with her mum. This year she showed the  pillow case she made .  She loves this weekend with the girlfriends

The Silo Trail.

Bernie came across these beauties when he was travelling last week.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and inventive country people are when it comes to making their small towns a place worth visiting. 
These grain storage silos have become a canvas for some artists. In some country towns in the state of Victoria  in Australia the local people are adding some interest to their landscape.

Silos in Brim, Patchewollock and Sheep Hills have been completed.
More are planned for Lascelles, Roseberry and Rupanyup are yet to be painted, but will be finished this year.
For directions to all the completed Silos, head to their website:
I think they are amazing.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

All Through The Night Finished

I have finally finished this wall hanging.  Just in time to meet Bonnie at  Girls Day in the Country . I have given it a few Australian flavoured blocks to make it feel at home here.

Pork Belly

We had friends for dinner last Saturday - Bernie's back in form. The most delicious pork belly. Not good for my belly but yummy! A  rare treat

North Star School - on my way to Nundle

My sister teachers here. I went out last week and taught the year 5 and 6 how to make TACOS and the next week we made  coco pop slice . About 30 children go to the school all together.
The sports field
In  Kilometers for my overseas friends. 

North Star Just Typical Countryside

Typical Countryside
North Star Silo's in NSW- We had a big party in this shed  once
Dry Land Cotton near North Star
The township