Sunday, 25 February 2018

Battery Fire

This is what happens when the battery to run the fridge in the back of your ute (pick-up) catches on fire. The fridge was not on, don't really know why it caught on fire. B was very upset about his car, but was calm enough to climb up next to the 4 foot high fire and explosion ,with battery acid spitting everywhere, reach the extinguisher and put it out. Lots of damage to the inside of the well but not to the actual car just the back well. This may put our planned caravan trip in April 9th in doubt but we will see.  B said he was just driving along looked in the rear view mirror and saw a huge fire in the back tray. He couldn't believe it.  He burnt his hand and gave us both a big fright but in the end it can all be fixed and thank god he was driving a diesel and not a petrol car. Rule no one , carry your fire extinguisher in the front of the ute from now on. I have a lot to be thankful for this week.


Our fridge
The canopy is no longer
After much cleaning
I think the fridge is no longer.

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Janice said...

OMG! How lucky was B that it was no worse. Hopefully you can get everything repaired fairly quickly. I hope his burn isn't too bad.