Sunday, 15 April 2018


A Lowes Truck on the job - these guys drive for miles to deliver fuel in the outback

I have only one question ... Why?? meat ants are the most horrid things, you cant get rid of them , their nests go for hundreds of metres under the ground.  

A very old Police station - many buildings in the  late 1800's were built to be moved in a hurry. The frame was built so the boards could slip inside one on top of the other without nailing.  It is like the actual studs of the frame are on the outside not the inside.This was one such building.

Oh and a bit of Lucy Boston stitching when the road is not  too rough. Notice my cute but strong Gidgee Smith bag , excellent for stitching in the car, you can just throw it on the floor when your not using it and don't have to worry about it getting dirty out in this landscape.

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