Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Thallon Silos

There is a little town, or some might say, village, 190 km west of Goondiwindi. Like many little towns tiny towns, they are finding it hard to survive.  A lovely lady who was once a teacher there worked to get Thallon on the map. Painted Silos, like the ones in the south of the country. (I have talked about them on my blog before.) After the silos come along "Willy the Wombat".  Kids can even climb on him as one side has rock climbing holds.  Shh!!   not just kids when I was there last Saturday I saw a lady who would have been 60 climb upon his back... what fun .. being a kid again.

Of course these things plus the pub and the river have attracted the grey nomads in their caravans and others. Lunch at the pub is good too.  There is a good story on the ABC Australian story about this little place. Worth a look. 
Thallon Silos
Close up of the sheep 
and the Rosellas
and here is Willy the Northern Hairy nose wombat an animal on the endangered list
His kid friendly side 
The Thallon pub


Chookyblue...... said...

A lovely time touring about ....

Janice said...

Another place we want to visit, after seeing the episode of Back Roads. It sounds like the little town is really having a go.