Friday, 26 April 2019

Keith to Portland

Young grape vines

Grapes and roses together 

Historic buildings

Plantation Pine trees the main business in Portland .. 3000,000 ton of chip bark every year exported.

The port and the chip bark

Lots of  Wind farms 

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jude's page said...

Hi Jenny I have just come across your blog again, after having not read it for some time. Life got busy I guess). Interested to see you are in my part of the country. Do hope you are enjoying your trip, love to see your photos. I live in SE SA and have family in the Barossa. Have gone back a few months of your blog this morning, sympathy to you in the loss of your dad. In March, my dad went in for respite and is now long term, and it is hard isn't it to watch your former strong rock deteriorate and need help.