Thursday, 2 April 2020

Girls Stitch in 2020 hosted by "QUILTERS ANGEL" Highfields Toowoomba

What a wonderful day the  "Girls Stitch In " was. The hall was set up with soft pink colours  with little chandeliers glistening away on each table and bows on the chairs. You would think we were at a wedding.
 Marion said just a day to relax and appreciate ourselves as women and who and what we are. We were treated very well.The guest designers were Natalie Bird of "Birdhouse" and Kris Mears of "Tag along Teddies".
Natalie with her display
Kris Teaching some skills
Below are both sides of Kris' display

All meals were provided and we sat at a table and table service was provided.

The Projects 
Kris designed  the Ipad cover and the tote bag.
Natalie designed  the 3 small items , pin cushion, project bag and thread holder. 

Jenny actually went right home and finished the projects as well as made a block holder and a zipper bag to use up every scrap of the fabric as there was a bit must be a miracle or NO just  CO-VID isolation.
The day's projects 
My extra projects inspired by Natalie's designs
My complete matching set  


Janice said...

Girls Stitch In always sounds like a wonderful day. Maybe, one day, we could venture north and join in. We'll see..... The projects turned out beautifully. You were on a roll, using all the fabric. Now a lovely set.

Fiona said...

Great you had a good time, its so good it was fitted in before we all had to stay at home.... I love the extra projects you made and used up all the fabric.... lovely...