Thursday, 20 January 2022


 My new happy place is finished. I am so lucky and so thankful. The sliding cupboard doors arrived yesterday. It all looks so  neat now. I just have to tidy up after each sewing stint. 

This morning I woke early and spent time in my happy place to make these little cutlery holders. I  hate those wooden spoons they give you  with takeaway food . They are so raspy on your tongue. No plastic anymore. So I carry my own . I made some cases from the plastic coated fabric you can get these days. I'ts washable and light weight. I made some for friends as well.


Raewyn said...

Your happy place looks great Jenny. And what a good idea for the cutlery!

Jeanette said...

Love your happy place, it looks wonderful. Great idea for the cutlery. Hugs, xx

dq said...

Your happy place truly looks like a happy place!!