Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Glen Innes

 We have just had 4 days in the Glen Innes area in Northern New South Wales. It was very cold and crisp but I loved it and our caravan is well equipped for the cold. We did some trout fishing at Deano's trout farm near Guyra. You get to fish but you have to buy the fish you catch. I had a delicious trout for breakfast today.

Trout fishing at Deano's, our catch

Rainbow trout for breakfast 
Many small towns are painting murals on silos and public buildings to attract tourists. This art work is on the toilet block at Yetman Sports ground.  You can stay there with your caravan , every bit of income helps these small towns survive. 


The area has a strong Celtic heritage and almost everything is named after somewhere or something in Scotland. 
The Celtic Stonehenge look a like is the introduction to the town, the little lake is a part of the trout farm and the building is a retired "Red Lion Inn"
Sorry about the double up here but the other two photos are typical of the area. The balancing rock and some of the many poplar trees.

A very Frosty -5 C  morning at the Glen Innes showgrounds. This is where we camped. 


cityquilter grace said...

oooh lovely trip photos...let's me travel vicariously...

Janice said...

Yummo. We love trout. I didn’t know about that fish farm. I have spent quite a bit of time in that area as I had family all around there. There are some lovely things to see. The murals at Yetman are gorgeous. Aren’t we lucky to have nice warm vans so we can get out and about at this time of year.

Chookyblue...... said...

Glad you enjoyed your break away