Monday 28 January 2013

Australia Day


What a lovely day it was.... the rain began at about 6.00 pm and by 9.00 it was pouring ending a great day. We really needed the rain but now I am an island we have had so much. About 8 inches and it is still raining. A lot of local flooding and all roads in and out are closed.  

We shared Australia Day with some  friends, we had roast lamb, lamingtons, Tim Tams and of course home made meat pies. We played cricket and watched cricket and generally told stories and had lots of fun.
Lamb For Many

Proud to be Australian

Home made meat pies .... don't mind the mix of  bought home made pie tins  ha..ha... Had Mr. Bird making forming them while I was cutting pastry.

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Sue said...

Your pies smell delicious, never mind what they look like I'm sure they taste great!