Wednesday 24 April 2013

Lest We Forget

Today I have to tell this story 

My school had their ANZAC day ceremony this morning. It was with great pride and a touch of sadness that I watched a past student of our school speak at the ceremony. 

His wife also attended the ceremony. They both have completed active service in Afghanistan and  Iraq. He detected IED'S  and was injured when one exploded under the vehicle they travelled in. He saw his mates killed and maimed. 

While telling his story at our service , there was a pause and a tear or two came to him and then for a short minute , he was supported by his Dad who is a returned Vietnam veteran. He then went on to tell how his mate (a kiwi) lost both his legs in that explosion. He told the students that as they took his mate into the hospital his mate said, " don't worry, I will be representing my country at the next Para Olympics". His mate has represented his country twice already and the incident was just  a year ago. 

The true ANZAC Spirit.

What amazing courage these young men and women have. I have to say that this brave young man was not the only one to shed a tear at that service today.  For their efforts in protecting our freedom and that of others in the world I thank them.   

I  don't  think I will never forget today's ceremony. His mum is a member of my quilting group, she must be so proud and a bit less worried as he is now home and safe.

This year our school has taken over the task of decorating the cenotaph much to the delight of the elderly ladies of the RSL ladies Auxiliary . They watched on and supervised us while carefully ensuring we learn all the rules and etiquette involved to continue the job in the future.   I had students from years 8-12 , boys and girls giving up their time to involve themselves in the community and carry on the spirit.  

                                                    I was so proud ...they did a wonderful job.  


                                                  "  LEST  WE  FORGET "


Aussie Nanna said...

That is a very moving story - all the more so because it is true. God bless our Diggers.....Lest We Forget

Susan said...

A great story Jenny, and a lesson for us all. Great work with your students.

Chookyblue...... said...

how special........and wonderful the kids have become engaged more in preparing for the day...........

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

Thanks for sharing your story. ( I even shed a little tear).
Its fantastic to see your students being involved too.