Wednesday 20 November 2013


As senior year co-ordinator  it was a big week last week the Seniors graduated.  I was so impressed to see them all dressed up like young men and women on formal night which is the last day of their schooling at our school. They looked great.  One of the boys joined us from Honduras early last year. What an amazing year for him. 
He gave me this lovely gift. Thanks Gabby and thanks Macca for the chocolates.  Its so nice to be appreciated. 

These are the lovely birds Gabby gave did he know birds were my thing.

In between my crazy week I am getting "Evelyn's room ready "  bought out Josh's old cot, a new bed etc...  more pics on that later.  I found these two books mine from when I was 7 so I thought I should keep them. 

Now for some real news Mr Bird ( bernie ) is now onto baking . This is his first cake, not sure he likes it as much as making chill jam.....LOL     He  baked it for my mum's birthday. It was pretty good . He has another job in the kitchen now......

Moist and yummy 


Susan said...

Keep encouraging him Jenny, you may never need to cook again!

Jen said...

HI! Jenny, Lovely quilts from the workshop.
My grandson had his Senior end of school formal night last week also and I took some photos.
Is Mr Bird hired out!!!
A happy Christmas party photo of your ladies. Our group Christmas party is this Saturday.