Sunday, 24 July 2016

Fun with Evelyn

Bath Spaghetti ... what fun soap. Picked it up at a pharmacy in Tamworth.

Funny story... Boo Poppy arrived after me to see Cotlon.  Ev and I  had earlier made some cup cakes together. When he arrived he asked her if she had something special to show him and the answer was ..
Yes! Cupcakes! 

       Evelyn with her memory quilt.  All the people at her baby shower gave a piece of fabric .  She loves it and uses it a lot . I have finally finished the naming and cataloguing of all the donations of fabric. I made it into a game for her. Each piece is laminated and named. She knows who gave it and can also play a matching game with them. Colton will have a set for his quilt as well.


Susan said...

What a lovely idea for a baby quilt...

Denice Barker said...

Great idea for a baby quilt. It would take little in prep from the guests and it's an act of love for a quilty grandma to put together and laminate. I love that she can match them and know who gave what.