Friday 9 February 2018

Blog Header

 I thought I had better explain my blog header when Denice  from Denice's Day recognised  her quilts.
After my trip to the USA recently I decided to show some pictures in my blog header to remind me of the awesome time I had.

Remember this super cool lady I visited. Well the two quilts in the header are are hers. She spotted them the other day.. Surprise ! They were truly lovely. and I felt like a little girl again in my fairy bed it was beautiful. Thanks again to my wonderful  friend from across the miles.


Cheryll said...

That's a lovely story Jenny...xox

Susan said...

a great way to remember good times.

Anthea said...

A lovely way to remember your trip Jenny... and share them with your readers too!

kiwikid said...

Beautiful header, great photos and the best way to remember them.