Sunday 15 April 2018

Blackall Wool Scour

The wool scouring plant was located here because of the sheep industry and the plentiful supply of hot artesian water .
The steam engines completed the water to boiling point by forcing the water between these things. I thought they were an interesting piece of machinery. 
This is the place where the very famous shearing legend "Jack Howe"  broke the record for the amount of sheep shorn with hand shears.   321 sheep in 7 hours and forty minutes. That's one sheep shorn with hand clippers every one minute and 25 seconds for a whole day..not beaten to this day by a person with hand shears . 
In one working week he sheared a sheep every one minute and fifty seconds.   He set this record in 1892. The  navy bonds singlet was named after him and is now commonly known as a Jacky Howe, but it has to be navy as this is the colour of the flannel he wore. His wife took the sleeves out of his shirt to make a sort of a singlet. 

Sheep yards made of gidgee wood  as the white ants don't eat it 

Sheep Station brands of the day that were sent  to the Blackall wool scour.

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