Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Special Celebration 60 years Anniversary

Last weekend saw a big get together of family and friends for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary is on the 29 th March but we couldn't celebrate until this weekend due to family weddings and Easter. Quite an achievement for any couple. Mum and Dad  had a lovely day. We hosted 65 people at our house for Sunday lunch and most of the family visiting for the weekend. Just a tad exhausted on Monday but very proud to be able to do it for them. Our parents have been nothing but loving caring and giving, providing every opportunity possible for us. Thank you Mum and Dad.

The bridesmaids dresses and photos

Ray and Noela Donpon

Mum and Dad's original cake topper on the side of the cake. 

A letter from the Queen and the Governor General 

All those standing are the remaining wedding party..Sadly none of Dad's attendants are still with us .

Their Children 

Children with their husbands and wives.

The grandchildren with partners or spouses
5 great granddaughters , my granddaughter on the left .

2 great grandsons who didn't want to dress up the same in pretty blue dresses....LOL
mine is in front.

All of Mum's brothers and sisters were here .. Dads family , sadly, not well enough to attend.


Denice Barker said...


Helen said...

What a wonderful milestone.....congratulations to them.

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Janice said...

What a special day. Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone for your Mum and Dad.