Saturday 23 February 2019


No sewing for a couple of weeks we are doing some renovations, getting a new kitchen and may be I  get a new sewing room too. Lots of unpacking cupboards and storing things for a few weeks. 
This was my sewing space 
Like my temporary desk leg  ha ha !
Another reason for not even hand sewing squashed in the moving ...Ouch !!


Pink Rose said...

Hi Jenny how wonderful that you are getting a new kitchen and fingers crossed for the new sewing room too. Ouch your finger looks very sore hope it heals up quick for you my friend xx

Denice Barker said...

A new kitchen is very exciting. Good luck on the renovation and while crossing fingers for sewing space, I wouldn't cross that crunched one!

Susan said...

OUch! that does look painful!
New kitchen - yay!!! new sewing room/are - triple YAY!!!

Jen said...

Ouch Jenny ,It has to get better for the new sewing room and lots of sewing.A new kitchen how exciting.A lot of work for a couple of weeks but definitely worth it.