Saturday, 27 April 2019

Out of the Cold

Today we headed for some time away from the cold and wind and where better than a whisky distillery and restaurant in a little town north called Timboon.  We also found  Allansford Cheeseworld. Yummy cheese , nice food and a museum. There is a huge Dairy industry here in  the Great Ocean Road area. Did you know they make "Coon" and  "Cracker Barrell" cheeses here.




Janice said...

I've enjoyed tagging along on your trip. We have visited the Great Ocean Road and ages ago the Barossa, but have only dim memories. I so want to visit Mount Gambier and revisit the other places. Your photos have certainly whet my appetite to return. I do hope the weather improves for you, but I'm sure you will continue to find interesting places to visit regardless of the weather.

Pink Rose said...

Wow Jenny this is one place i hope to go to one day,love the pics,what an amazing time you are all having xx