Thursday, 27 February 2020

Paw Patrol and Dinosaurs for Colt

Since I've been recovering from my back op I have had lots of time to stitch so finishing things is on my agenda. I got this one finished for Colt before he is too old for it. It has a cosy minky type backing and cotton on the front. Its very simple as I am sure it will be used and washed a lot.

The weather has been so nice here we have had rain very few days so far this month. Every thing is as green as and after a couple of years of not having to mow the grass it's a full time job now and I AM NOT complaining. Its so refreshing.  According to my gauge we have had 159ml this month. in the imperial system that is 6.2 inches. In a normal the February average is  69ml  although of course  we have not had that during the drought time. I hope you are getting rain if you need it.

Love the little dinosaur tracks on this fabric


Janice said...

Simple is perfect for this quilt. It lets the fabrics shine. I’m sure he will love it.

Susan said...

I bet he loves it,