Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nundle 2011

Beautiful Roses

Rose covered  wool press
In the middle of the end of year turmoil some ladies from my quilt group, myself included took a trip to Nundle ( small town in NSW , near Tamworth,for those who dont know) to sew with the lovely Kerry at Cottage on the Hill. 

Of course there are all the treats that go with the word "Nundle" ; patchwork at Kerry's, stitching, friends, dinner at the pub , wine and cheese , roses and a  visit to the Woollen Mill (which was still open at 7.20pm. )  What a lovely weekend we had.

The trip home was a nightmare , it was truly the biggest storm I have ever been in, I thought I was a "storm chaser". The lightning and the rain were the most intense I have ever seen but we were on the edge and missed the hail my new car ..eek!..................what a relief when we were free of it.

Our creations - not quite finished

The Essentials
Sewing with friends


Chookyblue...... said...

always a wonderful weekend in my retreat weekends.......lovely quilts........great to see your partner in crime there too..........

Anita said...

Love Nundle weekends! Nice quilts you made.