Saturday 25 March 2023

Sheffield- Steamfest

The Sheffield SteamFest is held every year on this long weekend in Tasmania. ( The 8 hour day weekend) What a great few days , the largest display of working steam vehicles in Australia. Tractors, trains, boats and more. We volunteered there for the last 3 Days of our ' Tasmania trip. The photos are very random but you’ll work them out I’m sure. Sheffield is also noted for its murals , there are so many of them around the town but I am only posting a few.

Friends we travelled with. Tony and Pam 
Horse and carriage rides were popular

“Wee Georgie “ was transported from the west coast to Sheffield for this day. 

If you ever get to this strange weird and wonderful shop you must stop and read the hand written signs. 
It’s a shop selling mainly old music and some other things. It will really make you laugh.  For example a whole row of beautiful but unwrapped soaps. The sign says … “ Don't lick the soap”??? What ??  Well it appealed to my sense of humour anyway.

Found this one driving down the Main Street

This young girl about 14 was just amazing she was learning the steam engine trade with her dad.


kiwikid said...

Great photos Jenny, looks like you had a great time.

loulee said...

Lovely to see all the old steam vehicles.

Cheryll said...

By the look of the pics you & your friends had a wonderful time. Safe trip home too... & you'll have lots of memories to keep share once back home...xox

Deb said...

Amazing display of well furbished steam engines my thought is the export of even getting them there back in the day! can you only imagine!
A fine day and a great way to spend it volunteering right in the thick of it all thanks for sharing!

Chookyblue...... said...

love the old enquipment.........

Janice said...

What a fantastic way y try o wind up your tour if Tassie. It would have been the best fun. Wish I was there.

dq said...

You shared some photos I hadn't seen. You also helped me to make sure I was correctly identifying some of the ladies.

I enjoyed your wonderful personality and our visits so much Jenny!

dq said...

I so so so enjoyed getting to know you better. What a joy you are!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and socialize and for the ruler gift!!! The photos on your blog are very fond memories for me.