Friday 14 June 2024

A NewFamily Member

 Sometimes by chance a new family member comes into your life. Meet Minnie. So named because she is so small. She is a Maltese Schitzu crossed with a mini fox terrier. She looks Maltese but has the tenacity of a terrier. We have never had a small dog before and now we have one and a puppy at that. So I have been kept on my toes. Great company when hubby is away. My mum has also been quite unwell and I have been caring for her so I have a few challenges getting my challenges done. However she is much better now so I’ll get back to it after my long weekend getaway which I have to say I am enjoying. Then I am working for 3 , 3 day weeks then life will be normal again if there is any such thing. 

My friend and I are currently on  a girls weekend at Noosa. We are having a lovely time dining out having coffee, walking by the beach and relaxing  before I start my 3 week work stint. 

Julie and I 

 Now for my little effort on my New Zealand quilt from May. I also have the bear quilt on my new larger frame and am trying a minke type blanket for a backing so we’ll see how I go . 
Catch you later everyone . Happy Sewing😍


Susan said...

oh, so cute & adorable

Happy enjoying your get away - hope your mum stays well . . .enjoy the brief stint back at work.

Hopefully the larger frame makes it all much easier.

Denice Barker said...

Adorable puppy, Jenny! Her name is perfect!

loulee said...

Mini is a wee cutie. I'm sure she is keeping you on your toes.
Have fun with your quilting, the NZ quilt is looking good so far.

Janice said...

Minnie is so sweet. I’m sure she will be a delightful addition to the family. Your weekend away sounds lovely. Did you add batting to your bear quilt, or just use the minky blanket? It’s something I’ve been thinking of trying.