Sunday, 8 September 2019

Gourmet in Gundy Barbecue Cook Off

Today I was the other half in a cooking competition which is a part of the Gourmet in Gundy celebration, a bit of a foodie festival. This year the four schools in our town went head to head in a barbecue competition. Each school had to use a different meat, the choices were pork, chicken, beef and pork.  The principal of our school, Brett, and I  got to cook steak.  We chose sirloin steaks.  The challenge was to cook a barbecue meal for ten people in one hour. Celebrity chef Mat Golinski was the judge.  
We didn't win but I thought we did  pretty well anyway.

In the cooking zone 

5 4 3 2 1  finished 
The judges
Matt Golenski the judge tasting our food.  Grilled vegetable stack , truss tomatoes and porterhouse steak with Blue cheese sauce. 

Lamb by the opposition

The  opposition's meals
Two chefs tasting


Denice Barker said...

How fun! Is that a tomato pie/tart as your side? It looks like it was really a fun day.

Janice said...

You may not have won, but your meal looks absolutely delicious. It looks like a fun (and possibly slightly stressful) day.